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NJVMA encourages pet owners to Love ‘Em Right!

The NJVMA has created four public service announcements for the NJVMA Love 'Em Right campaign, funded by a grant supplied by Partners for Healthy Pets. The spots are available to view and share below. Ann Ashton stars as Granny and Tightline Productions, the company that creates the NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame videos, was responsible for the editing and production. Many thanks to NJVMA Executive Director Rick Alampi for his vision as director and special recognition goes to Glenn Kolb of the Oregon VMA. Please help the NJVMA spread the word about responsible pet ownership and the importance of regular veterinary care!

Pet Care Tip of the Month

Pet Care Article of the Month, March – Keeping Your Adult Pet Well

Pets today are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. By now, your pet has become a real member of your family. As concerned owners, we notice when our pet appears to be having medical problems. The role of the veterinarian to diagnose and treat your pet is obvious at those times. But the annual veterinary visit plays an equally important role in the health of the adult pet. Read more


Hurricane Katrina Rescue Among Inductees of the 2017 NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame

The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) Animal Hall of Fame Committee has selected three dogs, one cat and a team of various species for induction into the 22nd Annual NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame.

“It is an honor to acknowledge those animals and people that inspired us to share their stories and to recognize the role that veterinarians play in strengthening the human-animal bond,” said Dr. Peter Falk, Chair of the Animal Hall of Fame Committee.

“This year’s inductees are exemplary animals that have made significant contributions to those around them.”

A retired Red Cross service dog, a tranquil feline companion, a devoted family member, a group of various pets for education and a gleeful ball collector will be honored on March 12th with induction into the NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame. Read more

NJVMA and NJSPCA Joint Statement of Transporting Unrestrained Animals

View the NJVMA and NJSPCA joint statement on transporting unrestrained animals recognized as animal cruelty under the New Jersey animal cruelty statute.

Management of Domestic Animal Rabies Exposures

NJ Department of Health Issues New Guidelines for Management of Domestic Animal Rabies Exposures - The NJVMA frequently receives questions from members on handling of suspect rabies cases. View the updated guidelines on these procedures.


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