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The NJVMA has created four public service announcements for the NJVMA Love 'Em Right campaign, funded by a grant supplied by Partners for Healthy Pets. The spots are available to view and share below. Ann Ashton stars as Granny and Tightline Productions, the company that creates the NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame videos, was responsible for the editing and production. Many thanks to NJVMA Executive Director Rick Alampi for his vision as director and special recognition goes to Glenn Kolb of the Oregon VMA. Please help the NJVMA spread the word about responsible pet ownership and the importance of regular veterinary care!

“Betsy’s Law” Signed into Law – September 2015

Acting Governor Kim Guadagno signed into law “Betsy’s Law”, an act requiring veterinarians to notify pet owners if they do not provide 24-hour care for hospitalized animals. The NJVMA worked with the sponsor of the legislation, Sen. James Holzapfel, to have the language correspond with the SBVME’s current standard of practice, which does require veterinarians to notify owners of the absence of 24-hour care. The notification can be done via a sign posted in “a conspicuous location” in the practice, with the following language “This veterinary facility does NOT provide supervision for animals after normal business hours by a person physically on these premises”. The sign must be printed in a font of at least 24-point. Notification may also be accomplished via an intake/admissions form provided to clients bringing a domestic companion animal to the veterinary facility. The intake/admission form must be printed in a font of at least 12-point.

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