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History: The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association was founded in 1884 and is a professional association representing the state's licensed veterinarians. The NJVMA is dedicated to advancing the veterinary profession in New Jersey.

The Executive Board is the governing body of the NJVMA. Committees and task forces are charged with accomplishing the objectives of the association at the direction of the Executive Board. Committees are responsible for the ongoing work of the association. Task forces are utilized to accomplish specific projects within a limited time frame.

The NJVMA serves its members in many ways. One of its most important functions is the representation of the viewpoints of veterinarians to the state legislature and regulatory agencies. The Legislative Committee works with our legislative agent and our executive director to monitor and analyze legislation and regulations. Responses are formulated with the approval of the Executive Board. The Political Action Committee supports the work of the Legislative Committee. The introduction of legislation is also a function of these groups and advice is given by our legal counsel in these and other matters.

The association is a significant information resource, both for its members and for those outside the profession. It is a nexus point for all the issues, factors, and organizations that will have an impact on New Jersey's veterinarians. The NJVMA communicates items of importance to its members via faxes and membergrams, all of which are overseen by the Member Communications Committee. Members are also just a phone call away from answers to their specific questions because of the expertise and availability of our executive director at the NJVMA headquarters.

The NJVMA interacts regularly with several outside groups via our liaisons, namely to the AVMA, by our Delegate and Alternate. The association also promotes a positive image of veterinarians through its public relations efforts. One of it most-successful programs is the Animal Hall of Fame, which celebrates the human-animal bond.

The NJVMA assists its members in several ways by providing excellent continuing education via the Annual Meeting and the Winter Seminar, supplying member benefit programs which is overseen by the Membership Committee, and offering a voluntary Hospital Inspection Program.

The Finance Committee, chaired by the treasurer, submits a budget to the Executive Board to reflect the association's strategic priorities. In addition, it is responsible for seeking sources of revenue for the NJVMA. Proper management of the association's finances ensures that resources are available to support its many important projects.

The NJVMA is a dynamic and effective advocate for the veterinary profession. It represents and serves New Jersey's veterinarians like no other organization can.

Volunteers Working on Behalf of Your Profession on the State Level

The NJVMA Executive Board is comprised of four officers, one representative from each of the eight constituent veterinary associations in New Jersey, New Jersey's AVMA delegate and alternate, two members selected each year by the president to serve as at-large members, and two members serving their second year as at-large members appointed by the immediate past president. The Board is assisted by executive director, Rick Alampi, and advised by its consultants, Steve Brawer, Esq. and the legislative agent team from Princeton Public Affairs Group. Committee and task force chairs, liaisons and representatives from the Department of Agriculture submit reports to the Board and are invited to attend Board meetings to participate in discussions or share information. The Board meets in open session six times per year – NJVMA members are always welcome to attend the meetings of the Board.

The Board establishes policies on behalf of the NJVMA membership and gives direction to the executive director, committees, and task forces. The Board must be fiscally responsible to its members and should ensure that adequate resources are available for the projects and activities it has initiated. The goals and objectives established by the Board must be consistent with the association's mission and strategic plan. The policies, programs, and finances are designed to support the goals identified initially during the strategic plan, last updated in 2003.

In order to respond effectively to external changes, which affect veterinary practice and the emerging needs of it members, the Board is committed to working harder and faster, especially with the input we receive from the membership. The Board will remain flexible and will respond to changing demands while maintaining the association's mission.

Each Board member carries significant responsibilities while serving in that role. Preparation for and attendance at each Board meeting is required. Board members are encouraged to participate fully during meetings. Anyone attending the meeting is invited to share information and express opinions relevant to items under the Board's consideration. Constituent representatives shall present a summary of the Board's activities to their local associations after each Board meeting. The constituent representatives shall also bring concerns from their local association to the NJVMA Executive Board's attention.

2012 - 2013 Executive Board

Dr. Ian Driben, President
Dr. Neal Beeber, Treasurer
Dr. Anthony DeCarlo, Board Member
Dr. Mary Moon, Board Member
Dr. Daniel Stobie, Board Member 

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