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The NJVMA Executive Board recently authorized the creation of a stipend program to encourage veterinary students to seek summer externships with New Jersey veterinary practices. The program will offer stipends of $1,000 to ten students each calendar year. The program is open to students in good standing on clinical rotations who will be sponsored by, and work under the direct supervision of, an NJVMA member veterinarian.


Students must first secure an externship position and then apply for the stipend. The application must include a statement of interest, a detailed description of the duties and responsibilities associated with the position, and a letter of invitation from the sponsor. The NJVMA Membership Committee will review applications for suitability. Stipends will be awarded to the first ten qualified applicants each year.


At the end of the externship the applicant will be required to submit a brief essay describing what the student gained from the experience. The sponsor will also be required to submit a letter describing the student’s performance.


The stipend will be awarded upon completion of the program and the Membership Committee’s acceptance of the exit essay.


There will be a limit of one extern per practice, and the practice will not be eligible for the program the following year unless there are not sufficient participating practices to accommodate the applications.


For Veterinarians: If your practice would like to participate in this program, please notify NJVMA headquarters as soon as possible by emailing: info@njvma.org or calling (908) 281-0918. 

For Students: If you are interested in completing an externship through the NJVMA, please complete the application form by clicking here. All completed forms should be mailed to NJVMA headquarters at the following address:



Attn: Externship Program

390 Amwell Road, Suite 402

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Click here to access the list of participating practices

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