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NJVF Opportunities for Veterinary Students

NJVF Scholarship Program

New Jersey residents attending veterinary school who would like to apply for a scholarship, a loan, or a forgivable loan may print the following forms. Applications for scholarships will only be accepted for your second year of veterinary school.

Deadline to submit your application and all required documents is April 20, 2012. Please call or e-mail the New Jersey Veterinary Foundation at (908) 281-0918, with questions.
Application and Instructions:
The NJVF Scholarship Program is funded solely by contributions, a significant portion of which are generated by New Jersey veterinarians.
Since 1975 the NJVF has awarded more than one million dollars in scholarship grants, interest-free loans and forgivable loans to New Jersey veterinary students.
New Jersey Horse Council/New Jersey Veterinary Foundation
Equine Veterinary Student Work Fellowship

The NJHC/NJVF Equine Veterinary Student Work Fellowship is available to New Jersey residents planning to go into equine practice who are currently enrolled as veterinary students.

The New Jersey Horse Council and New Jersey Veterinary Foundation are proud to announce the tenth year of the NJHC/NJVF Equine Veterinary Student Work Fellowship. This fellowship program enables New Jersey resident veterinary students to gain valuable summer experience with a NJ equine practitioner. This program not only benefits the student planning on going into equine practice, but it also benefits the equine practitioner, in that it will provide a means for meeting soon-to-be graduates who may one day become associates. The fellowship also benefits the equine industry in New Jersey, by enticing new veterinary graduates to practice in New Jersey.
Fellowship recipients will be chosen based on a combination of equine experience, letters of recommendation, financial need and their desire to become an equine practitioner. Deadline to submit your application and all required documents is April 30, 2012.
Application and Cover Letter:
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