2000 Inductees

2000 NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame Inductees

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Thor, a three-year-old German Shepherd. Thor is a trained assistance dog and constant companion to Cynthia Good, who is confined to a wheelchair. With Thor’s help and devotion, Cynthia is able to manage her household alone. Thor’s chores include carrying the laundry basket, getting the phone, turning the lights on and off, and opening doors. Owner Cynthia Good, Veterinarian Dr. Suzanne Smith


Dickens, a five-year-old Golden Retriever. Dickens is a value assistant to the psychiatric staff at the Holy Name Hospital. Dickens’ weekly visits to patients with mental illness,, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses give them a positive, loving experience to anticipate. Dickens’ patient, outgoing manner has made him a favorite and his successes include motivating a severely arthritic man, an anorexic woman who began to eat after Dickens’ visits, ad an Alzheimer’s patient who had been mute but began speaking after his visits. Owner Susan Stone, Veterinarian Dr. John DeVries


A chimney failure led to near-fatal carbon monoxide poisoning for Janet Gibbons. Living alone, Ms. Gibbons had nearly succumbed to the odorless gas. Fortunately, Gerard woke her up with persistent barking. When she awoke, Gerard led her to the basement door where she discovered the faulty furnace. Owner Janet Gibbons, Veterinarian Dr. Donald Shatto


Ibis, a retired racing greyhound. Ibis was rescued by Gale Hollstein after his racing career was over. Ibis lacked social skills and had never enjoyed a loving relationship with a human. After six months of love and affection, Ibis finally responded to Gale by wagging his tail. From that point on, it was a steady progression until Ibis became a trained therapy dog. Ibis’ visits to senior residents are eagerly awaited and Ibis has become very outgoing in greeting all residents. His community service has become an important part of his life. Owner Gale Hollstein, Veterinarian Dr. Kurchia Tsai