2002 Inductees

2002 NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame Inductees

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Murphy is an 8 year old African Grey parrot who illustrates that the human-animal bond is a powerful motivator. She provides comfort and motivation to her owner, Linda, on her “bad days” as Linda has multiple sclerosis. She also gives Linda’s mom, Florence, who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease, reason to get up in the morning and smile. Murphy’s personality, antics and sensitivity have even helped Florence eliminate her need for medication to control her mood swings and depression. Murphy is the first bird to ever be inducted into the NJVF Animal Hall of Fame. Owner Linda Schiavello, Veterinarian Dr. Warren Briggs

New Jersey Task Force One

New Jersey Task Force One receives an award for their search and rescue efforts during the WTC disaster. These animals fearlessly searched through burned debris, ignoring burnt paws, cuts and other obstacles to look for survivors and victims. For their unselfish and courageous efforts, the team earned induction into the Animal Hall of Fame.

The team consists of “Ana” Atlas; “Senta” Bacalaglu; “Claire” & “Blitz” Clemmo; “Chewbacca” Holmes; “Mikey” & “Osa” LoPresti; “Nutmeg” & “Sarge” Pittore; “Argus” Rolando; “Quest” Sullivan; “Piper” Whynman Owners — Sarah Atlas; Dan Bacalaglu; Lorrie Clemmo; Alice Holmes; Laura LoPResti; Spring & Pat Pittore; Bob Rolando; Penny Sullivan; Sonny Whynman Veterinarians Drs. Karen Dashfield and Martha O’Rourke


Gaylin is a husky/retriever mix, rescued from the streets of Trenton. Gaylin has a resume of volunteer credits — from giving dyslexic children a calm and non-judgmental environment to practice reading aloud to visiting children at the Katzenbach School for the Deaf where he is the model for a humane education program. Owner Cheryl Mills, Veterinarian Dr. Patti Maslanka

Union Country Sheriff’s Search & Rescue K-9 Unit

Union Country Sheriff’s Search & Rescue K-9 Unit is recognized for their search and rescue efforts during the WTC disaster, for their devotion to their jobs and their human partners and for the extremely close personal bonds the handlers and the dogs have developed.

The unit consists of “Champ” Malcolm; “Git Ander” Gillespie (posthumous); “Johnny” Way; “Lando” Aversa; “Udo” Howarth; “Hauso” Woelpper Owners: Ron Malcolm; John Gillespie; Brian Way; Chris Aversa; Brian Howarth; Robert Woelpper. Veterinarian Dr. Ira Niedweske

Adele Daniels

This inaugural award, designed to honor individuals who work to improve the care and dignity of animals, goes to Adele Daniels. Adele is a New Jersey transit police officer who opens her home and pocketbook to cats with severe physical ailments or deformities that others might deem “unadoptable,” giving them a chance for life and love. She says her cats give back way more love, affection and devotion than people could ever give them. Veterinarian Dr. Marguerite Hoey