2003 Inductees

2003 NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame Inductees

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Baxter, a five-year-old Pekingese. Baxter was abandoned after being hit by a car, leaving him permanently paralyzed in his back legs. Now able to get around thanks to a doggie cart, Baxter demonstrates an incredible zest for life, participates in charity work, and teaches others about unconditional love, forgiveness, joy and acceptance. Owner — Pam McCarthy, Veterinarian – Dr. Jennifer Feeney


Dino, a 9-year-old German Shepherd. Dino is a member of the Bergen County Police Department Canine Unit and will retire later this year. Dino has had a long and distinguished career, earning the title of hero numerous times by putting his life on the line to protect the life of his partner and fellow officers. Owner – David Donow, Veterinarian – Dr. Carol Carberry


Curtsey is a seven-year-old Australian Shepherd/Chow mix. Curtsey attends the Lewis School in Princeton, a school for children with learning disabilities. An incredibly sensitive and intuitive dog, she provides love and support to children who struggle academically and helps educate students about positive social behavior. Owner – Tara McCullough, Veterinarian – Dr. Mary Moon


Cherokee, a 26-year-old half-Arabian horse. Cherokee, like many of her students is handicapped, having lost an eye in a pasture accident. She has helped many students build self-confidence, especially one young boy who is also visually impaired due to a brain tumor. Owner – Hunterdon County ESC Therapeutic Riding, Veterinarian – Dr. Dennis Milne


Daytona, a six-year-old Dalmation. Daytona supplements fire safety programs by showing children how to stop, drop, and roll, crawl on their bellies if there is smoke in a room, and feel a door before opening it. Owner – Alison Cozzolino, Veterinarian – Dr. Mark Newkirk