2004 Inductees

2004 NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame Inductees

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Sherlock is a 14-year-old Beagle owned by Cathy and Ed Queenan and their family, of Cranford, NJ. Sherlock has been a constant in the ever-changing life of a family wracked by the loss of a son and grandfather, and a welcoming presence when the Queenans opened their home as a host family for children from developing countries with serious medical problems. Sherlock was nominated by Dr. Ronald Swist of the Westfield Animal Hospital.


Bentley is a seven-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel owned by Diane Zdrodowski of Blairstown, NJ. Bentley has been doing pet therapy since he was just a year old, visiting the Tomorrow’s Children Institute for children with cancer and rare blood diseases at Hackensack University Medical Center. When Diane moved to Blairstown she co-founded CARE – Canine Assisted Resources in Education – with Bentley leading the pilot program. CARE has now expanded to six teams, with Bentley making at least one school visit a week. Bentley was nominated by Dr. Carolyn M. Chinnici of Blairstown Animal Hospital.


Aries is a 26-year-old chestnut gelding owned by the Monmouth County Park Service’s SPUR (Special People United to Ride) program in Middletown. Aries is the cornerstone of the SPUR program because of his gentle disposition, steady temperament and slow, regular gait. His remarkable patience and willingness to serve allows disabled children, even those in wheelchairs, to achieve physical, mental and emotional improvements, enjoying the horse’s soothing warmth and easy motion as Aries walks them around the SPUR training ring. Aries was nominated by Dr. Elden Klayman of Colts Head Veterinary Services in Freehold.


Caesar is a 12-year-old Boxer who is the constant companion of Jim Papworth of Tinton Falls, NJ. Caesar has the rare, innate ability to sense when Jim will have a seizure, and takes measures to protect him, summon help, and then guard him when the seizure strikes. Caesar has saved Jim’s life on many occasions, and his constant companionship allows Jim to live an active and independent life. Caesar was nominated by Dr. Mary Beth Morgan of Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.

Susan Greenbaum

The Foundation honored Susan Greenbaum of Milford for her work with animals and people with special needs. Ms. Greenbaum is a skilled animal trainer whose Pet-Assisted Therapy Teams work in conjunction with healthcare professionals to improve patients’ conditions. She is shown with her dog, “Tuca.”