Caring for the Senior Pet

Due to the diligent care of veterinarians and pet owners alike, the life expectancy of most pets is increasing. Many senior pets will face problems that are common in humans as they reach a certain age. Being able to identify these issues and prepare for them is essential for ensure that your pet stays healthy. Noting changes in behavior and knowing when they may be warning signs of more serious conditions will allow you to consult with your veterinarian sooner if medical intervention in necessary. Some important topics are the definition of ‘senior’, common ailments facing older pets, how to modify routine care as your pet ages and maintaining a comfortable environment.

The AVMA has prepared a list of frequently asked questions about senior pets. Take a moment to review them at AVMA’s FAQs.

If you need a veterinarian, please visit the Find a Veterinarian page for a list of NJVMA veterinarians in your area.