Getting the Most Out of Your Pet’s Veterinary Visits

Being prepared for a veterinary visit is important because it helps ensure that your pet benefits from a complete health examination by making important information available to your veterinarian.

When making an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian, consider these tips:

What to Bring. If you recently moved, bring a copy of your pet’s medical records with you. Write down any medications your pet may be taking and the doseage. When making an appointment, ask if you should bring a sample of your pet’s stool or urine.

Make a List. Write down all the things that concern you about your pet: hair coat, diet, exercise program, toilet habits, etc. This will help you communicate better.

Write it Down. Don’t be afraid to write down the information your veterinarian provides to you. Ask if there is a handout or a brochure containing more details.

Don’t Be Embarrassed. Your pet’s veterinarian is the other family doctor. There’s no need to feel awkward about asking anything or mentioning something that you’ve noticed. Your veterinarian wants to help keep your pet healthy and happy. Without your observations, important information may be missed.

Ask About Emergency Coverage. Find out the process for after hours emergencies. If the veterinary hospital refers its patients to an emergency facility, be sure you know the address, phone number, and hours.

You may also find yourself wondering when it’s appropriate to call your veterinarian if you sense that something is not quite right with your pet. Click here for tips on when to call your veterinarian.

If you need a veterinarian, please visit the Find a Veterinarian page for a list of NJVMA veterinarians in your area.