New Jersey Association of Equine Practitioners


The NJAEP’s mission is to guard, improve, and advocate for the health/welfare of the horse, promote a collaborative forum among equine practitioners, further the professional development of its membership, and foster relationships within the industry of the State.


Michael N Fugaro, VMD, DACVS (President)
Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services
  Eric Kates, DVM (Treasurer)
Colts Neck Equine Associates
  Amelie McAndrews, DVM (Secretary)
Garden State Equine Veterinary Services
Mary Beth Hamorski, VMD (Past President)
Califon Animal Hospital
  Rachel B. Gardner, DVM, DACVIM
BW Furlong & Associates
  Jennifer J. Smith, DVM, DACVS
New Jersey Equine Clinic


NJAEP Position Statements (September 2018)

Equine Dentistry
The NJAEP acknowledges that Equine Dentistry remains of paramount importance to the overall health and well-being of the horse. The scope of dentistry has exponentially expanded within the field of veterinary medicine over the past two decades. In order to provide optimal care to the horse, a veterinarian is required to continually advance their education and maintain a comprehensive understanding and the blended affiliations with anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, biomechanics, and patho-biology/physiology of the biological system. This advanced education and continued research defines the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches adopted and revised within the field of veterinary medicine and equine dentistry.

The NJ Veterinary Practice Act, as well as the position statements of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) and the NJ Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA), has clearly defined Equine Dentistry as the practice of veterinary medicine including the “removal of sharp enamel projections, treatment of malocclusions of premolars, molars, and incisors…”(AAEP Position on Equine Dentistry 2012) The NJAEP fully supports these position statements.

New Jersey Veterinary Practice Act

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Position Statement Regarding Equine Dentistry

American Association of Equine Practitioners Position on Equine Dentistry (2012)

Equine Farriery
The NJAEP acknowledges that the collaborative relationships between farriers/trimmers and veterinarians is imperative for todays’ horses. The collegiality between these individuals along with the integration of their skills has resulted in a more successful performance horse as well as an overall healthier horse. The NJAEP understands that traditional farriery/trimming to be outside of the practice of veterinary medicine. However, the use of any diagnostics (e.g., radiology) or medications for the treatment of diseases/disorders of the foot is understood as the practice of veterinary medicine.


Ultrasound Wet-Lab for Veterinarians
Saturday November 3rd 
Rutgers University, Cook Campus, Red Barn, College Farm Road

This continuing education wet-lab offers practicing veterinarians the opportunity to refine their ultrasonographic skills along side some of the leading veterinary imaging experts in the US. This will allow veterinarians advanced diagnostic skills that can be implemented in their clinical practices. 

The facilities and the Rutgers Research Horses offer an exceptional opportunity for veterinarians to optimize their educational experience on anatomy and pathological processes afflicting our performance horses.

Morning Session 8:30am to 11:30am: 

Neck and pastern ultrasonography (3 CE Hours)

Afternoon Session 1:30pm to 3:30pm: 

Stifle, back, and sacroiliac ultrasonography (2 CE Hours)

Instructors: Kate Chope, VMD and Wade Tenney, DVM

Registration Fees (includes breakfast and lunch): 

NJAEP Member:

Non-NJAEP Member:


Participants may register for the morning, afternoon, or both sessions but space is limited (12 veterinarians per session). Please register below: 


Registration closes Thursday, November 1.  

Please CLICK HERE for directions to Rutgers University, Cook Campus, Red Barn. GPS address is 65 Sheepfold Lane, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Parking will be in the Dairy Barn & Creamery parking lot, which is directly across the street from Sheepfold Lane and the Red Barn.

The NJAEP is extremely appreciative of our sponsors, Zoetis and Universal Imaging, as well as Rutgers University and the Equine Science Center, for hosting the event and providing the horses. 


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