NJVMA Monthly News – April | Inactive Client Program

Inactive Client Program

NJVMA is pleased to announce another program between Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP), Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) and our association. This collaborative program focuses on the importance of re-engaging Inactive Clients and bringing them back into the veterinary practice.

This is not your typical reminder program!

First, it is based upon a client’s visitation history and not a timetable for a specific service. Second, a key difference is in the messaging itself. PHP’s unique empathetic messaging consists of three compelling points: recognizing that pet owners are busy but want to provide the best care for their pets, expressing sincere concern from the practice for their pets’ health, and conveying that an annual exam is as important as food and love. This program does not replace, but is actually complementary to, your current reminder program.

The program is easy to utilize as it involves no staff training or changes to your practice team protocols. You need only to assign one or two staff members to identify lapsed clients and the rest is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

STEP ONE: Identify inactive clients.

STEP TWO: Email those clients with PHP’s proven and ready-to-use compassionate messaging.

STEP THREE: Start booking appointments!

To get started, go to the Partners for Healthy Pets website and review the readily accessible resources provided: A copy of the Inactive Client Reminder Program white paper; a webinar explaining the program; and the easy-to-use email templates with PHP’s proven pet owner communications.