Membership Fees

Membership Fees

The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association follows a Practice Membership structure which incorporates all practice team members (veterinarians and staff) under one membership. This allows for greater opportunities for associate veterinarians and veterinary practice team members to benefit from the programs and services offered by our association. While the NJVMA recognizes that our membership structure is designed to incorporate the entire practice, individual veterinarian memberships are available. Solo practitioners, industry veterinarians and government service veterinarians are encouraged to join!

Membership Types

Any fixed or mobile establishment, veterinary hospital, animal hospital, or premises where the practice of veterinary medicine is conducted may join as a Practice Member. All graduate veterinarians working the equivalent of full-time for the practice will be deemed active members, and will have the right to vote and hold elected office.

Individual memberships are available to ensure the inclusion of solo practitioners, industry veterinarians and government service veterinarians. Graduate veterinarians employed in the State of New Jersey may join as Individual members, and possess the rights of active members.

A student in a school or college of veterinary medicine recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

A member in good standing who has reached the age of 70 and has maintained active membership in the Association for a period of 30 years and is retired from the active practice of veterinary medicine.

NJVMA Membership Fees

The Practice Membership dues rates below are based on the number of full-time veterinarians on staff. Note: A full-time veterinarian is an individual who works for the practice 1,800 hours or more in a year. Full-time equivalent would be two veterinarians each working 900 hours in a year, three veterinarians each working 600 hours in a year, etc.

Individual Veterinarians are welcome to join the NJVMA at the $225 membership rate. Student and Emeritus memberships are free.

Number of FT Veterinarians on Staff
15 or more
Dues Rate
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Member Benefits

Legislative Advocacy

The NJVMA defends your right to practice and protects your license by ensuring that New Jersey’s veterinarians have an active presence at the State House.

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News & Resources

NJVMA’s monthly newsletter and website Member Center provide access to practice management tools, information on current laws and regulations, and resources to help our members thrive.

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Annual Conference

Our annual continuing education conference offers innovative programming featuring cutting edge topics and renowned speakers.

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Online Job Board

Whether you are looking to fill a position, or searching for a new opportunity, the NJVMA Job Board is a one-stop resource for the veterinary job market in New Jersey.

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Mentorship Program

Designed to give support and encouragement to New Jersey Veterinary students while they are completing their studies.

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Insurance and Services

Group Health and Business insurance programs customized for our members, plus tailor-made credit card processing and payment solutions for veterinary practices.

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