NJ AVMA Delegate Update

NJ AVMA Delegate Update

Written by Noreen Lanza, DVM
The AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting was held in Chicago, Illinois from January 10 to January 13, 2019 in conjunction with the annual Veterinary Leadership Conference (VLC).

The AVMA reported a new record high membership of 93,400 members. Membership satisfaction tracking showed an increase in member satisfaction over the last year.

The AVMA announced that it will once again be able to provide association health insurance to AVMA members in several states beginning in July 2019. The AVMA trust is currently developing an affordable, competitive health insurance plan for AVMA members and their employees in several states. The AVMA expects the program will grow over time.

A highlight of the meeting was the Veterinary Information Forum (VIF). The VIF topic for the winter 2019 meeting was ENHANCING THE UTILIZATION OF VETERINARY TECHNICIANS. The AVMA received over 400 comments on this topic. The New Jersey Veterinary Technician Association helped to provide input from over 70 New Jersey technicians. It was clear during the discussion that the value of veterinary technicians is unquestioned and that efforts need to be made across the profession to increase technician use and boost job satisfaction. This consensus among House members led them to recommend that the AVMA Board of Directors convene a task force to design a plan to improve veterinary technician utilization and that a progress report be shared with the HOD within a year. The AVMA currently provides association management and support services for the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) and it will continue to provide those services in the future.

Other actions by the HOD at the meeting included:

  • Approval of an AVMA dues increase of $30 in 2020.
  • Referral to the AVMA Board of Directors of a revised version of the Model Veterinary Practice Act that included input from the HOD meeting.
  • Approval of a Bylaws amendment to include a credentialed veterinary technician on the AVMA Council of Veterinary Services.
  • Approval of a Bylaws amendment on the status of Allied Organizations in the HOD.
  • Approval of changes to the AVMA Council on Research, AVMA Council on Biologics and Therapeutics, AVMA Judicial Council, and the Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine.

Full details of Resolutions and Bylaw amendment changes can be found here.

The VLC also provided an opportunity for Leadership CE. Some of the CE was new formats or interactive formats. There was also a special Public Policy Symposium held a day prior to the HOD meeting.

In other areas, the AVMA is continuing to work with the Department of Transportation on the regulations for the air transport of assistance animals and add members tools and resources to their website:

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