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The New Jersey Veterinary Foundation is the charitable arm of New Jersey’s veterinary community. Established on May 20, 1975, the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation that operates exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. The mission of the NJVF is "To promote, advance and assist veterinary medicine; public and professional education; the health, well-being and humane treatment of animals; and the human-animal bond." A major purpose of the NJVF is to provide scholarships to students from the state of New Jersey in veterinary colleges and veterinary technical/assistant programs.

Without a veterinary school in New Jersey, students from our state are locked into out of state tuition, furthering their financial burden. And due to the high cost of education, veterinarians face some of the worst debt among all health professions. According to the AVMA report on student debt in 2019, the average debt of graduating veterinarians exceeded $183,000 – a 260% increase since 2000. The cost of a veterinary education exceeds $200,000, with average income for first year graduates of $76,000.

Approximately 70% of these graduates return to New Jersey to engage in clinical practice or in various research or technical programs, and the NJVF gives financial assistance to many of these students. Since its inception, the Foundation has issued over 550 grants or loans totaling over $1.6M. We are proud of this achievement. These students of today are the veterinarians of tomorrow and we can think of no greater need for the animal population or public health of New Jersey than to assure that the veterinarians of the future are well educated and well trained.

These New Jersey students are chosen as grant recipients by their level of educational indebtedness, recommendation letters, and likelihood a student will return to NJ after graduation. We need these health professionals to make New Jersey a better, healthier place, and helping relieve their debt is the first step to making that happen.

The NJVF asks that you consider a contribution to help the veterinarians of tomorrow. And don’t forget – these contributions to the NJVF are 100% deductible for income tax purposes.

We sincerely hope you will consider helping us help tomorrow’s veterinarians. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the NJVF and/or its programs.

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