The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) was founded in 1884 and is a professional association representing the state’s veterinarians. The NJVMA is dedicated to advancing the veterinary profession in New Jersey.

NJVMA Membership Structure
The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association follows a Practice Membership structure which incorporates all practice team members (veterinarians and lay staff) under one membership. All team members receive NJVMA communications, member discounts for meetings, and other NJVMA Member benefits. However, only veterinarians receive full membership privileges, including the right to vote and hold office.

The structure of NJVMA allows for greater opportunities for associate veterinarians and veterinary practice team members to benefit from the programs and services offered by our association. While the NJVMA recognizes that our membership benefits are primarily aimed at the practice as a whole, individual memberships are available to ensure the inclusion of solo practitioners, industry veterinarians and government service veterinarians.

How it Works
The practice pays dues, based on the number of full-time veterinarians, or full-time equivalent veterinarians, employed in the practice. There will be a lower dues rate for solo practitioners, and a reduced per capita dues rate for multi-doctor practices (see Membership Form for dues breakdown). Industrial, government and other non-practitioner veterinarians would pay dues at the solo practitioner rate. Current Emeritus Members would be grandfathered, and students would still receive free NJVMA membership while in veterinary school.


Group Health Benefits
The NJVMA is pleased to announce the availability of comprehensive, self-funded health benefit plans through the NJVMA and the Association Master Trust (AMT) with claim administration and provider networks provided by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and the Delta Dental Plan of New Jersey. These plans are only available to member practices with two or more full-time employees. NJVMA member practices now have access to self-funded medical and dental plans that provide coverage through some of the largest provider networks. Core medical products include Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans and a remarkable Point of Service (POS). There is competitive pricing that may offer some of the lowest rates in New Jersey and no primary care physician (gatekeeper) requirement or referral hassle.

Insurance Programs
Custom designed insurance for veterinarians and their practices. Coverage includes property/casualty, Safety Group Dividend Program and Worker’s Compensation.


Annual Fishing Trip
Spend a day in May aboard the 75-foot, well-equipped Mi-Jo fishing for Bluefish (or whatever else is biting). The boat and crew are chartered for the exclusive use of the NJMVA. Registration fee includes bait, tackle, lunch and refreshments.

Business Insurance Program
Custom-designed insurance for veterinarians and their practices. Coverage includes property, liability (including professional), automobile, umbrella liability, and workers’ compensation.

CareCredit Enrollment Discount
The CareCredit credit card enables pet owners to make monthly payments for all the services and products your practice provides. NJVMA members receive a special discount to set-up a CareCredit program with their practice.

Constituent Association Support
These constituent associations play an important role in veterinary medicine by providing a forum for veterinarians to network about professional and medical issues specific to the area in which they practice [].

Credit Card Processing Program
For 23 years, RCSC has provided NJVMA members with competitive rates and services for payment processing. As part of the member benefit, NJVMA members receive discounted equipment and dedicated customer support.

Financial IQ Webinar Series
The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) and Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) have made their four-part webinar series, Boosting Your Financial IQ to Maximize Fiscal Performance, available free of charge to members of veterinary medical associations! The series is designed to elevate the financial literacy of those involved in veterinary management.

Group Health Benefits Program
Comprehensive, self-funded health benefit plans are available through the NJVMA and the Association Master Trust (AMT). Our competitive pricing could offer you some of the lowest rates in New Jersey.

Inactive Client Program
This collaborative program focuses on the importance of re-engaging inactive clients and bringing them back into the veterinary practice.

Legal Referral Program
The NJVMA has arranged for a local law firm to respond to a member’s inquiry concerning legal issues and provide suggested initial direction. NJVMA members receive an initial consultation FREE of charge up to the first half hour of time.

Legislative Advocacy
The NJVMA defends your right to practice and protects your license by ensuring that New Jersey’s veterinarians have an active presence at the State House. The NJVMA monitors over a hundred bills annually that affect animals and veterinarians. The NJVMA covers the cost of a lobbyist who actively represents the veterinary profession on proposed federal and state legislation and regulations at the legislature.

Liaison to the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Acts as the effective voice of the veterinary profession to the Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Monthly Newsletter
Our monthly, digital newsletter keeps members informed on various NJVMA activities, upcoming events and state legislative and regulatory activities. Featured columns on Social Media, Practice Management, Finance and Wellness provide cultivated content and articles written specifically for our members.

Member Alerts
Members are updated on important regulatory and legislative updates through email and our monthly newsletter. The NJVMA posts pet health alerts you can easily share with your clients on social media through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Mentoring of Students and New Graduates
In veterinary medicine, mentorship is a major determinant in the success or failure of those entering the profession. This program is designed to give support and encouragement to New Jersey Veterinary students while they are completing their studies.

Throughout the year, the NJVMA offers various networking events and opportunities for members to engage with others within the veterinary community.

NJVMA Veterinary Education Conference
Our annual continuing education conference offers innovative programming featuring cutting edge topics and renowned speakers. Educational offerings are designed to meet the needs of veterinary professionals in various stages of their professional development with practical information they can apply to daily practice.

Online Classified Advertisements
Whether you are looking to fill a position, or searching for a new opportunity, the NJVMA online classifieds are a one-stop resource for the veterinary job market in New Jersey. Members can post their classified ads for free on the NJVMA website.

Political Action Committee
The NJVMA Political Action Committee (PAC) works closely with the Legislative Committee and NJVMA’s lobbyist to educate state legislators and candidates on issues of importance to the veterinary profession. The NJVMA PAC is supported through voluntary donations included on the NJVMA membership/renewal forms.

Practice Management Seminars
The NJVMA partners with the New Jersey Veterinary Hospital Managers Association in the Spring and Fall to provide seminars on timely topics to keep you in the know. Registration is FREE to members ($150 for non-members).

Public Relations
The NJVMA is committed to raising public awareness of the role veterinarians play in enriching the relationship between humans and animal. Public education about the value of veterinary care is promoted through social media, the NJVMA website and media relations.

Roundtable Events
This fall we will be reinstituting our group roundtables. These events give members the opportunity to discuss key issues facing the veterinary profession. Stay tuned for more details!

Website Resources
Quick and easy access to practice management tools, information on current laws and regulations, and resources to help our members thrive.